noun \ˈbüt-ˌstrap\-p(r)ə-ˈnər

A startup founder who bootstraps—gets by on his/her own resources without seeking investor funding.


Bootstrapping is the way to go!

Bootstrapping should be the default MO for startup founders.  Period.  Too many startup founders cluelessly go about bootstrapping by trial and error, learning the hard way and ending up floundering instead of “foundering”.  And all too many startup founders have serious misconceptions and delusions about getting investors’ money to finance the startup right off the bat, only to find that the reality of funding is much harsher.

I started Bootstrappreneur as a starting point to build a resource to help early stage startup founders bootstrap the smart way, not the hard way, and to build a tribe of bootstrappreneurs to inform and support each other.

If you see yourself as a bootstrappreneur, do please show your support and join the tribe!

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Judith Zen

Founder, blogger at Bootstrappreneur.com
Serial bootstrappreneur with a mission to help startup founders bootstrap the smart way, not the hard way.
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